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to Cesana

to Cesana

Cesana torinese

A land of contagious passions

A tourist resort in the Susa Valley, in the Piedmontese Alps, the heart of the Olympic Mountains, site of the XX Turin Winter Olympic Games, 2006.

Cesana Torinese is located about 90 km from Turin and just 10 km from the French border in the Susa Valley. It lies at an altitude of 1,354 metres at the foot of Mount Chaberton (3,130 m), at the confluence of the Ripa and Piccola Dora streams, which flow down from the Mongenèvre Pass.

Today, the economy of the town is strongly linked to summer and winter tourism. It is home to an important and renowned international ski resort, which is part of the Vialattea skiing area.


Find out how to spend your free time in Cesana


Experience the beauty of the area and the wonders of nature


If you are a sports lover we have everything for you


In Cesana Torinese you will find an ancient culture rich in history


Play areas and guaranteed fun for all children


For those who just can’t stand still and those looking to chill out, for those who love hiking and those who can’t wait to get on their bicycles, for those who want to taste mountain flavours in a trattoria and those who prefer a sandwich surrounded by nature, for adventurers young and old.


Your holidays in the heart of the Olympic mountains

All the information you need to spend your holidays in Cesana Torinese in complete relaxation.

Discover our accommodation facilities, the local products for you to taste and the routes we propose.

We are sure that, like us, you will fall in love with our fantastic land.

Hotels and B&Bs ready to welcome you

Cesana Torinese and its environs offer dozens of hospitality solutions to suit all needs. Families, groups of friends, couples, organised trips. Everyone is welcome!

Passion for food and conviviality

Piedmontese cuisine is famous for the strong, intensive flavours and tastes of its food. From meat to stuffed pasta, in this section you will be sure to find the ideal place to eat during your holiday.

The authentic flavours of the mountains

Tradition and innovation are the key words for embarking on a journey through the flavours of our land. From Génépy to toma cheese, each speciality has its own story that each producer will let you discover.

Excursions, walks and tourist trails

Given the variety of settings, we are able to offer a multitude of opportunities for outdoor activities that meet the wishes of everyone, from hikers to motorcyclists, climbers and cyclists.

All the attractions and environs of Cesana

What to do and see around Cesana Torinese, information and practical advice on itineraries, routes and places of interest in the surrounding area.


Experience villages, nature, colours and adventure with us

Paths to follow, places to discover, landscapes to admire: from Sestriere to Mount Chaberton, from Sauze d’Oulx to Sagnalonga, every place has stories to tell and wonders to show.